About Oh Shoot Productions

By 2019, 85% of all content on social media will be video. Make sure yours stands out.

Storytelling for brands is tantamount to success these days. People get to choose what they interact with and spend time with. An engaging, interesting, attention getting story wins every time. But how do you tell that compelling story? Can’t you just use your phone and make your own?

There is an art to storytelling with moving images, music, effects and presence. Oh Shoot Productions’ Martin Buchanan has been a storyteller his entire advertising career. As an art director and creative director in television, he has honed his visual storytelling chops. His Super Bowl spots for Budweiser are still talked about today. (Remember Bud Bowl?)

Martin knows how to engage. He knows how to shoot and art direct a story. And he understands the emotion needed to bring a final piece together.

While there are many people who shoot video, make sure you find someone who understands the subtle and emotional art of storytelling and marketing and branding as well as capturing compelling visuals.

It’s 360 degrees of storytelling that will make your videos get watched and remembered.